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Beginner’s Guide To The Gym

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Many people want to get in shape, lose weight, condition, but don’t know where to start. Especially when it comes to the gym.
Most gyms require a 12 month commitment when joining. This can be quite daunting when first starting out. This book will take you through some of the most common questions and concerns that people have before committing to a gym.

In addition to choosing the right gym for you, we will also guide you through what it is you should be doing at the gym and what you can expect from the time you are putting in.

We understand that the gym can be an intimidating place. People and machines are everywhere, there are different rooms for different workouts, and you can find yourself wondering “what is this and what is that and what should I be doing?”
Regardless if this is the first time you’ve ever had a gym membership, or if you are simply trying to get back into the routine after being a member before, this guide will help you feel confident when starting out at the gym.

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