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Best Beginner’s Workout Routine

What is one of the best workout routines? Let’s find out! Buff Dudes Cutting BOOK: Buff Dudes Cutting .PDF: …

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  1. Happy New Years! Use code BUFFNEWYEAR at checkout for 40% off all our clothing and apparel at https://www.buffdudes.us/collections/all. This video covers our "prep phase" of our cutting plan which is the 3 weeks leading up to the plan itself. Stay tuned for our next video "Lean Vs Bulk" later this week as Brandon goes over the differences between the two while we continue to go through our CUTTING PLAN. And of course leave any suggestions for things which you think might help make the episode better. Until next time…STAY BUFF.

  2. fuck me i just want a workout routine. Dont give a shit about a solid minute of ugly baby bullshit. why do people not realise their babies are only interesting to themselves. looks like a sack of potatoes just like very other baby

  3. LOL @ time at the gym being time away from friends & family! I have actually made it a point to work out with my friends, and that has been a huge motivational factor for me. I've been lifting for almost six months now (since December), and my day just doesn't feel complete without a workout now. After my six month milestone is met, my next goal will be to do more cardio, because I want to stop being out of breath when walking up the stairs.

  4. Can you do 5×5 program 6 days a week instead? But split the works outs into two? So for example, Monday do the squats,the rows and the push press, but then on Tuesday do the bench, cable extensions lateral raise, seated calf raises etc, and then apply the same idea across the week ? I ask because I want to work out everyday after work, because its very therapeutic to me and helps a lot with my stress, but I want to get on a good plan because until now I've mostly just done whatever i FELT LIKE at the time. I work full time landscaping and spend about 6 hours a day walking pushing some type of machine so im also decently tired after work and think splitting the work outs throughout the week would be easier. But I would like to get opinions on this in case there is a reason this would screw things.

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