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Exercise Resistance Loop Bands, Portholc 5 Mini Bands for Workouts, Stretching, PT, Home Fitness, Pilates and Yoga, with Instructions & Carry Bag – Light/Medium/Heavy

Today’s Price: $45.95 - $11.69

Say goodbye to boring workouts
Resistance bands allow you to move flexibly in all different directions.
You can get creative with them and use them to both strengthen and stretch your muscles

No more worries about finding a gym or skipping your regular workout while traveling
It can be easily packed into a little pouch and will always be there for you.

Get health benefits from resistance training
•improve balance
•body shaping
•weight loss
•injury recovery and prevention
•challenge yourself increasingly and gradually

All these benefits make it a great gift idea for men, women, dad or mom.

Five variety of tension levels
As some body muscles are stronger than others, the varying resistance levels perfectly accommodate both your weaker and stronger muscles.
For some advanced users who are not satisfied with the extra heavy resistance, simply selectively combine the bands to get different ideal resistance for your workout.

Best Travel Fitness Kit from Portholic
We know how frustrated it can be to have a band snapped in the middle of a workout, or lost elasticity after a short period of time.
Our resistance loop bands are made of professional quality natural latex.
They are designed to be thicker, stronger and odorless. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

To further ensure your user experience, Lifetime Warranty is available for all Portholic products!

The set includes
•one carry bag
•instructional manual
workout guide eBook
•12″X2″resistance loop bands, set of 5
– Ultra Light: 8.3LBS/ 3.3KGS
– Light: 11.7LBS/ 5.3KGS
– Medium: 18.3LBS/ 8.3KGS
– Heavy: 21.4LBS/ 9.7KGS
– Ultimate: 31.3LBS/ 14.2KSGNON-TOXIC & ECO-FRIENDLY HOME GYM ACCESSORIES – 5 varying resistance levels; grey color; measured by 12”(30cm)X2”(5cm); made of 100% natural latex, free of intense odor. They are skin friendly, snap resistant and built to last longer than many other fitness bands or recovery bands. Each band is easy to recognize with level of strength clearly labeled.
PERFECT FOR TONS OF POPULAR EXERCISES. Our resistance bands can be stretched repeatedly for different level of fitness program. They are ideal for P90x, Insanity, Crossfit, Beach Body, Yoga, Pilates, General Exercise and all sorts of stretching, power weight programs. These could also work as physical therapy bands to help rehabilitate you from leg, knee or back injuries. They are also a perfect choice if you are recovering from torn MCL and ACL, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab.
BUILDING BODY STRENGTH AND MOBILITY PROGRESSIVELY. The ULTRA LIGHT and LIGHT bands are great for beginners or anyone looking for light resistance, such as pregnant woman or mothers after birth. Even children and elder people can also have fun with them. As for seasoned workout warriors, use our MEDIUM, HEAVY and ULTIMATE exercise bands for more intermediate and advanced strength training.
CARRY BAG INCLUDED so you can bring the bands anywhere. Tone your muscles while watching TV, walking, travel, or sitting at your desk. EXERCISE BOOKLET INCLUDED as well plus instructional eBook to demonstrate dozens of different workout for legs, arms, back, shoulders, ankles, thighs, hips and stomach.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE. All Portholc resistance loop bands are fully tested before we put our name to them. We stand behind every product you purchased from us. If the band snaps, we’ll send you a replacement!

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