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How to Plan Workouts in a Week

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  1. It's funny this is the same conclusion I have come to. I need to split into push/pull because I get exhausted too much training hspu, but 6 days on 1 day off is not ideal long term and can be hard on the CNS. Sometimes I skip legs to rest up for muscle ups and pushups.

  2. You don't talk about mobility/flexibility session. How do do integrate them into your plan ? In my case, my plan is close to "Example #3" and i do my mobility during my rest days ( two days per week). Is that the best thing or should I train every day my mobility ? And, in that case, how do you fit one workout and one mobolity session in a day ?
    Thank you very much !

  3. what do you think about upper/lower split?
    monday:upper body
    tuesday:lower body
    thursday:upper body
    friday:lower body
    sunday:upper body
    monday:lower body
    etc..just adding rest day after two workout days..this is my main workout..

  4. I was doing 3 sets of lever progression (tucked) with 3 minutes pause in between sets. Then i did basic pull strenght exercises for about half an hour. I did this workout two days ago and my rear shoulder and back muscles are still very sore. Also my back triceps head is sore a lot haha. I can't imagine having workouts so close together. I need at least one day in between workouts. I don't know if im doing anything wrong? Apreeciate your answer, thanks and good luck.

  5. Great video man. I'm English but watching from Spain. Great fan.
    You cover subjects that other youtubers don't even touch and that' taken into consideration.
    Keep up the good work.
    By the way, I love your accent.

  6. Mate please answer
    This is my workout routine
    Monday – Back and biceps
    Wednesday – chest and triceps
    Friday – Ieg and abs
    Is this enough because i do weighted calisthenics and my goals is stronger and some muscle?

  7. if you are doing 2 days each for push,pull and legs and abs. where do important Hiit/cardio workouts for endurance and rest days dedicated for mobility and stretching fit in? there's only 7days in a week lol not enough days

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