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TONE & SHAPE Your Arms + Chest Workout For Women

Complete arm workout to tone and shape your biceps and triceps! Plus workout for the chest- ♡ Merch: ♡ Instagram:

39 thoughts on “TONE & SHAPE Your Arms + Chest Workout For Women

  1. See you on FRIDAY for day 1 of WHITMAS!! I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!! ❤️🎉🎄🎁

    Ps. Lol let’s just ignore the psoriasis on my nose thank you good news the prescribed cream is working wonders snap fam know wassup

  2. Whitt, please help me! I got the protine powder you drink and mannn I need to figure out a way for me to get it down! I'm a total protine drink fan this ones just hitting my stomach wrong when mixed w water

  3. That is really a killer workout!!! Especially the drop set at the end 💪😍 I tried the workout today and I'll definitely do it more often 👌 Thanks for your amazing videos, Whit! lysm ❤

  4. Hey i highly request u to plz create a video on chest , shoulder & tricep all of them together in one video
    I am a beginner n i have been doing them together but as now i follow u for all my workout i want u to create a video for chest shoulder, tricep all the 3 together coz i like the variations u do plz plz plz plz i request u to create a workout video on it. @whitneysimmons

  5. I done this today and it did keep hitting my hoo haa hahahah luckily I had the rope bit on but I like how the bar looks more comfortable while your doing it so I’m gonna use that next time 😆

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